Inspection of windmill blades

As an energy source with a promising future, wind turbines must to be capable to guarantee a failsafe operation.
However, this is not an easy task, since rotor-blades are exposed to enormous forces during high speed winds.
Should a rotor-blade bend too much, this could lead to damaged bondings or induce a delamination. Since
defective composite materials are susceptible to consequential damages, maintenance works must be performed
at regular intervals to be able to detect possible defects at an early state, when they are still not critical.
C-CheckIR, as a compact and mobile NDT system, is a perfect solution for this, because it can help to easily
locate delaminations, cracks or defect bondings directly on site.

Among others C-CheckIR localizes following defects:

  • Crack damages
    e.g. caused by strong bendings
  • Belt inspection
    e.g. for detection of cracks inside of belt of a rotor blade
  • air inclusions
    e.g. caused by quality defects during the manufaturing