AT Airbus-Kit

Sundry aircraft inspections can be accomplished by ordinary IR scans. Big accumulations of water or ice inclusions
can be detected by an infrared camera when the component is heated by a hot-air unit. Therefore AT offers
a special inspection-kit which is optimized for several test instructions of Airbus (e.g. NTM 55-40-50).
All components are stored in a robust casing set for safety transports.

The Thermography Kit for detection of trapped water covers the following aircraft testing devices:

- Airbus NTM 51-10-25
- Airbus NTM 55-40-02
- Airbus NTM 55-20-08
- Airbus NTM 55-20-11
- Boeing procedure 737 NDT, part 9, 51-00-01

Main features at a glance

Non-destructive testing of components with thermography Robust cases for safety transport
Easy handling by user-friendly components   



  • Mobile Infrared camera
    The thermal image camera sets new pattern for ergonomics, weight and
    user-friendliness. This is why the handheld infrared camera offers comfort
    and functionality for industrial applications.
  • Additional touch-screen monitor with tripod
    The monitor comes with an LCD color display for a detailed view of your thermal
    images. The display is provided with a video cable for image transmission and a
    tripod for an user-friendly handling.
  • Hot air unit
    The air blower heats the inspected components with a smooth current of hot air.
    Therefore you can manually adjust the temperature and air quantity. The hot air
    unit works on a low noise level and features a restarting contactor.
  • Temperature measuring device
    The AT Airbus-Kit also features a temperature measuring device. The measuring
    instrument shows not only temporary measuring results, but also the values MIN,
    MAX, and AVG of a time sequence.