Compact Thermography Inspecption Head for Non-Destructive Testing

The communication with the "C-CheckIR Sensor" takes place through a standard Ethernet cable, simplifying
the connection of one or more Sensor heads to an evaluation system. The amount of components in the
system has been reduced to a minimum, simplifying not only its installation, but also the required space
and weight for mobile applications.

The inspection heads are available with one, two and four excitation sources, enabling covering an area ranging
from around 300 x 400 mm up to 1 m² per measurement. For the NDI measurements, the inspection heads
support the techniques of Pulsed- and Lockin-Thermography with user-selectable excitation-patterns and
frequencies. For an active thermography measurement, the sensor-head needs only to be connected to a laptop
or desktop computer with the IrNDT analysis software. So, with C-CheckIR Sensor, AT offers its customers a
very flexible NDT system that supports different evaluation methods and that can be used for mobile inspections
as well as for Inline production processes.