C-CheckIR professional

C-CheckIR is a thermographic ndt solution which consists of a testing unit with an infrared camera and an
excitation source which is mounted on a robust frame. This is why C-CheckIR only needs to be placed at the
right position on the object to be inspected. It does not even matter if the surface is vertical, since the system’s
frame is equipped with vacuum-suction-feet. You can control the system via a tablet PC and special software
for thermographic inspections of composite materials. The control unit comes with an user-friendly interface
and does not require any extensive training.

Configuration options for several aircraft testing procedures available, e.g.:

- SRM-Repairs, Airbus NTM 55-40-50
- Trapped water, Airbus NTMs 51-10-25, 55-40-02, 55-20-08, 55-20-11
- Trapped water, Boeing procedure 737 NDT, part 9, 51-00-01
- Disbondings, Boeing procedure 737 NDT, part 9, 51-00-04, 53-30-01

Main features at a glance

Non-destructive testing with active thermography Operational for field use
Short measuring time Easy handling with intuitive user-interface



  • Inspection head with infrared camera and excitation source
    C-CheckIR features an unique infrared camera that is especially designed for ndt
    applications. The excitation source consists of a compact high-power halogen
    spotlight and is uncomplicated in use.
  • Robust Tripod
    To guarantee a stable hold, the testing unit is mounted on a fixture tool which only
    needs to be placed at the right position on the test object.
  • Testing unit
    C-CheckIR features a touch-screen tablet PC with a rugged housing. Software
    for analysis of thermal image sequences is already installed and ready for use.