Composite material inspection with C-CheckIR

The transportable testing system C-CheckIR enables you to inspect a wide range of materials with active
thermography. C-CheckIR achieves precise and reliable measuring results and is especially suitable for
inspections of composite materials like glass- or carbon-fiber reinforced plastics (CRP/CFRP). The measuring
instrument is easy to handle and does not require any extensive training. C-CheckIR is not only available as
professional Version for universal testing tasks, but also as a special version that is optimized for the
aircraft testing procedure Airbus NTM 55-40-50. In addition, AT offers a thermography kit that detects trapped
fluids without software analysis.

Mobile thermography systems

  • C-CheckIR professional
    The testing device is available with several hardware and software options. This is
    why C-CheckIR covers not only diverse testing procedures of leading aircraft
    manufacturers, but also inspection tasks of composite materials of wind energy
    plants, car bodies or yachts/boats.

  • C-CheckIR for Airbus NTM 55-40-50
    The testing system inspects composite materials with active thermography and
    is optimized for the aircraft testing procedure Airbus NTM 55-40-50.

  • Thermography Kit for detection of trapped water
    Sundry testing methods do not need an analysis of thermal image sequences.
    Instead they can be accomplished by normal infrared camera scans. Therefore AT
    offers a special Airbus-Kit that is optimized for several aircraft testing procedures
    of Airbus and Boeing.