Measuring Principle

A halogen lamp or hot air unit gives the inspected material a thermal
excitation. The flow of thermal energy through the material has a
direct influence on the temperature development on the surface of
the object and can easily be recorded with an infrared camera.

Transient Thermography (C-CheckIR Professional)

An infrared camera records the decay characteristic of the surface temperature over a short period of time.
After this a mathematical analysis generates a result image out of the thermal image sequence. The result
image provides you more significant information about material conditions than any ordinary infrared image.

Rudder inspection (Airbus-Kit)

For Rudder inspections or similar testings, you scan materials like honeycomb components with an infrared
camera for water or ice inclusions. Comparative to other material defects, these defects can be detected
without special analysis software. Sometimes a heat excitation of the surface can help to get thermal
images with a better contrast.