Inspection of automotive components

Many vehicle manufacturers are increasingly using composite plastics for their car body design. For example,
carbon-fiber reinforced plastics have become an indispensable material for Formula 1 cars and even the first
models for passenger cars with CFRP bodies have been announced already. C-CheckIR is a powerful inspection
system for this kind of car bodies as it helps to locate defects like cracks, delaminations, surface wear or previous
repairs, among others. The testing device features a compact design that enables high mobility for on-site
measurements. Independently if the task is to perform NDT inspections on racing cars or to do research on the
material behavior on a passenger car, C-CheckIR will be the perfect solution for active thermography inspections.

Among others C-CheckIR localizes following defects:

  • Lunkers
    e.g. caused by production faults
  • Inspection of laminate structures
    e.g. for the detection of manufacturing errors
  • Detection of delaminations
    e.g. caused by impact damages