AT - Automation Technology

Our core fields of expertise lie not only in the development of the latest optoelectronic sensors and components,
but also in the realization of customized systems solutions. With many years of experience in the design and
integration of infrared and 3D image-processing systems for industrial applications, our team can guarantee the
best solutions for our customers.

Fields of activity

  • Non-destructive testing with active thermography
    AT offers several solutions for non-destructive testing based on the software
    package IrNDT. Our inspection systems support all kind of excitation sources and
    analysis methods, e.g. lock-in thermography, pulse thermography or TSA.
  • Thermographic plant monitoring
    Our thermographic monitoring solutions observe the thermal radiation of objects.
    Due to this, applications for steel ladle detection or systems for early warning of
    fires in waste bunkers can detect conditions which ordinary camera systems cannot.
  • Infrared image processing in real-time
    The temperature means an important factor for many industrial processes. Most
    measuring and control tasks can be automated by IrControl, our software for
    infrared imaging in real-time.
  • High-speed 3D measurement
    AT is manufacturer of high-speed 3D sensors, too. At the heart of our CX camera
    series lays the world fastest high-resolution 3D sensors which can be used for
    three-dimensional triangulation measuring.


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